How To Invest In The Right Social Trading Network


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Need to select a social trading network? Although social trading is a relatively new concept, its significance can’t be undermined, especially for forex trading. Forex social trading has attained widespread popularity in the past few years.

For those unaware, social trading network is a powerful communication platform for forex traders. It works just like other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. The idea behind it is for forex traders to share ideas, information, and news on an online platform. Ultimately, traders use their combined knowledge and experiences to formulate trade strategies and decisions.

Why Social Forex Trading Works

Social forex trading allows individuals to communicate directly with each other daily, from anywhere and anytime. Some of its benefits include:

  • It’s easy and simple to understand and execute. You need to follow, monitor and communicate with other traders to develop trading strategies. It reduces the need for individual traders to conduct their own technical or fundamental analysis.
  • It eliminates personal biases that often lead to losing positions. This is because traders are part of a larger group. For example, changing or unfavorable market position might make it impossible for some traders to think logically. But, as they work together as a unit, they can discuss and analyze market activity to come up with logical solutions.
  • Social trading networks play an integral role in making forex trading accessible to everyone, not just the big market players.
  • It helps control fear and greed and allows an individual to have a proper trading mindset as they seek out the opinions of others, whether paid or not.

Tips To Choose Social Forex Trading Network

Here are some simple ways to select the right network:

ü  Assess your goals: Take into account your long-term forex trading goals and objectives. Once you have set realistic goals, you can start checking out different social trading networks.

ü  Sign Up: Check a network’s requirements to sign up. Do you have to pay a fee? Is there a need to open an account with a preferred broker? Remember, the best social trading networks platforms are free. In addition, they have a simple registration process.

ü  Profile: Look into the network’s profile. Keep an eye on the company background, trade statistics, number of followers, approach to trading, etc. Try to get as many details as possible.

ü  Forums: Forums reveal a lot about a social trading network. Check out the general discussion and members in forums. Is it being used by members? If not, it’s better to move onto another network.

ü  Educational materials: What type of educational materials does the network provide? A network with articles on forex strategy, trading techniques and other information is a sign of a reliable company.

ü  Demo account: Make sure the network has a demo account. You can make this account to explore trading before investing funds.

ü  Copy trading: Is copy trading available? Social trading platforms must allow you to reach out to the Trade Leader easily and for you to gain trust and transparency, they must be able to demonstrate more than just statistical numbers on their trading account. The most effective network has access to a variety of brokers for trade execution and also a manual option that allows the investor to make their final decision.

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