Nature And Social Forex Trading – How And Why Does Following Heroes Work?

People seldom improve, when they have no other model but themselves to copy – Oliver Goldsmith.

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If you ask Warren Buffett about the reason for his incredible success in the financial world, what do you think will be the answer? People constantly striving to improve themselves further have one thing in common. They ALL have role models in their lives.

Having a Role Model to Follow Is the Most Crucial Aspect to Self-Improvement

There are few investors well-known in the world today. Warrant Buffett is one such name and with good reason! It only makes sense for other not so well-known or successful investors to try and copy the great sage.

Most of us however are creatures of comfort. We fail to improve ourselves by staying inside our bubble, refusing help from any kind and messing up EVERYTHING.

Bill Gates – His Passion, His Journey, His Fight, His Role Model

We all know who Bill Gates is. The founder of Microsoft, Gates isn’t originally from Silicon Valley or even New York. As a teenager in Seattle, young Gates had many aspirations and the will to do hard work.

By age 18, Bill Gates had become an established authority in specialized software. With a little more hard work and driven focus, Microsoft was born. Guess who Gates chose as his role model in the early days of his struggle? Warren Buffett!

Having Role Models Can Be Applied To Social Trading Too!

While social trading is still a relatively new concept, it has grown in popularity over the last few years, especially in retail forex trading. How does social forex trading work? The concept behind this trading network is: you can take inspiration from other social traders in your network and increase your chances of being successful in your financial expedition.

This is done by accessing trade strategies, analysis and other information assembled by your role models and using their combined experience/knowledge when trading.

Social Trading – Works Along the Same Concepts as Popular Social Networks

Facebook and Twitter work along the same lines as social trading platforms.

With online social forex trading, investors and traders have 24/7 and immediate association with thousands of other traders all over the world. With our AlpsChat feature, investors and traders have non-stop interaction with others in their network.

Here experienced and novice traders can learn from top performers, duplicate their trades, and analyze which trade strategy is better.

Sign up for free on AlpsSocial and follow all masters of this game!



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Sophia Mason

Mar 08, 2018 at 6:13 PM

Superb post, yes we have to chose a role model to perform well. Inspiration has always helped people In producing something much better for themselves or society. Like my uncle has inspired me to start forex trading by just getting forex signals from and today i am earning and learning well.


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