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Live Trading with Zen Alldredge

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“Tell me and I might forget.  Teach me and I may remember.  Involve me and I will learn.”

The opportunity to look over the shoulder of a professional at work is limited.  The opportunity to ask questions and understand the thought process behind their decisions is rare.

Join Zen Alldredge Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 7:00 – 9:00 PM as he demonstrates his strategy and trades live in the markets.  Do not simply listen to his words, or take notes on his lecture, but become involved in his trading process.

Wednesday’s free event will offer:

1. Free trading education and strategies that will allow you to view the market from a new vantage point.
2. Live fundamental, technical, and sentimental analysis on multiple currencies.
3. The ability to connect with like minded individuals who share common trading goals.
4. A live question and answer session while an expert trades.
5. It’s simple to write or talk about a trading strategy; it’s much more significant to show it in real-time.
6. This opportunity is unique and space is limited. Register here to save your seat.

About Zen

Zen Alldredge is a Professional Forex Trader with a proven record for predicting the weekly market moves with almost ninety percent accuracy for the last five consecutive years and counting.

Known worldwide for his bold and honest teaching and coaching, Zen has helped thousands of retail traders become professionals who earn their living through private trading and who manage large portfolios for savvy investors.Zen traded for one of the funds in the UK, was named favorite weekly author contributor for ForexTrading.TV, and is a frequent contributor for Trading Pub & FxStreet. Zen founded the revolutionary Strike Zone Trading System, the very one used to project the market at The Trading Empire where he is the current President, Lead Trader, Educator and Consultant.

With students in over 107 different countries and territories around the globe, Zen’s unique method teaches his traders to understand the market from behind the screen (from the Market Makers point of view).

Webinar Session RegistrationFor those of you whom is unable to attend physically, there is also a webinar link that you can attend. Pls copy and paste this URL in your browser :

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