Starting the Year with Gratitude

It’s the time of the year when we come up with our resolutions for the new year. The thing about starting the year with resolutions is that most people focus on the things they want or things that are missing in their lives. However, focusing on one’s wants tends to fuel a sense of frustration for most people.

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So why not try something different this year? Why not try starting this year with a sense of gratitude and focusing on things that are going right in your life instead?

Here’s how you can start doing this:

Step 1: Stop comparing yourself to others

Most of us have a tendency to compare ourselves to others who are more accomplished, more attractive, richer than us and the list goes on. And once we begin down that road, we probably won’t find an end. Comparing yourself to others is a decision that only steals joy from our lives.


Step 2: Be grateful

Gratitude allows us to recognise the good things we have in this world. Now take a moment and think of three things you are grateful for today. If you can list 3 things each day, you will see you have much more going for you than you thought.


Step 3: Go outside

Put down your electronic devices and go for a walk. Go for a walk and the change in your surroundings will help you clear your mind. Take a deep breath and appreciate the surroundings around you. Isn’t the world just beautiful?

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