This 30-seconds exercise will change your life

This 30-seconds exercise will change your life:

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 Immediately after every lecture or meeting, take 30 seconds to write down the most important points.

Here are some points to note about this exercise:


  1. It’s more than just taking notes

This exercise isn’t about note taking, rather it’s about interpreting and capturing the big ideas that matters.


  1. This exercise wouldn’t be easy.

Deciding what’s most important is going to be difficult.

We routinely capture everything to avoid the difficult task of deciding what are the few things that matter. This 30-seconds review challenges us to stop relying on quantity as an excuse.


  1. You need to act fast.

You should do this 30-seconds review as soon as the meeting or lecture is over. Most of us forget things after a few days or weeks. And even if you are able to recall facts in the meeting or lecture, you may lose the nuance which may make all the difference in deciding what matters. This could be as subtle as the change in someone’s tone or any ideas sparked by a passing comment.


  1. You will see your life change

After you get into the habit of the 30-seconds review, you will see some changes in your life. For example, you will learn to listen better and ask better questions.


With more practice, I am sure this 30-seconds exercise will become increasingly valuable and helpful in your life.

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